Lost In Japan


Osaka Castle

Day 4

I woke up early as my next destination for next 3 days is Osaka. I woke up at 07:45 and went for a walk this time not in the park but around the park.
Derma was kind enough to offer me bread and tea for breakfast. The bread had butter and raisins. it was a good breakfast.

After breakfast, whatever I brought last night (some kind of potato chips) I handed over to Derma. Derma and I left the house and we parted for our destination.

I booked the train from Tokyo station. With this boarding, I declare that I never boarded the wrong train in Tokyo. A 100% success rate.

I went to Tokyo station and I was hungry. I bought an apple pie (ready to eat) but couldn't find a cheap coffee shop. My time for boarding Shinkansen was near. An officer helped me to know about the platform (or track number). The Japanese transport system is easy to navigate. There is a very rare chance that you will ask someone.

I boarded the train and started looking for accommodation as I didn't have anything. No itinerary. No accommodation.

I booked the hostel name Funtoco Backpackers Namba And owner Yuki was very welcoming.

I rested for a few hours and headed to a place called Dōtonbori which runs along a canal and I’m writing my day 4 sitting at stairs facing the canal. What an experience!

Before heading to the canal, I stopped at a restaurant where with some struggle to place the order. I had chicken Meatballs (3 pieces) and a beer.
The total bill was ¥1,080 which is decent. I see their sitting arrangement is different and the staff was helpful.
I reached the hostel around 3:30 p.m. and after eating I reached the canal by 07:05 p.m. It’s around 07:54 p.m. I will spend time until 8:30 and will leave for a hostel.

Food before heading to canal

My hostel is around 15 minutes away. Let me listen to music now. I was bit high with that beer and singing songs to the waitress and they were smiling. Haha.

Day 5

I woke up around 07:45 A.M. and decided to go on a walk, as usual, I found a park nearby it was deserted park and no one was there. There were weird noises in the park-like you are in a jungle. I forgot to take coins and key code with me. The door is locked until 9:00 a.m. and I have to take two more 10 minutes walks.

Finally, the door opened when I reached. The hostel serves free basic breakfast which includes toast with butter and jam along with tea or coffee. I had two sets of bread and Japanese tea.

I put my clothes for laundry and give it to Yuki. The laundry costed me ¥600 but I feel I needed it.

I was talking to a British guy about the cost. We Indians get coffee at ¥6 but in Japan, I am paying ¥270 every time. I know there is a hell lot of difference in experience but there is a lot of difference in price too.

Today I realized that an itinerary or at least you should have a list of places to visit handy. I asked Yuki about a few places and the expected suggestion was Osaka Castle.

Before I go and talk about my visit to Osaka castle here are few confessions to make -

  • It is not cool to not have any itinerary. Sometimes it is ok but most of the time you should have it.
  • Please go in a season which is suitable for you. I think winter in most of the Asian countries will be good. The current temperature in my area Tanimach is f****** 36 °C.

Don't miss winter or you will get really f***** and write about this experience in a diary like me.

Alright I deboarded at one station and walked around 20 minutes to reach the castle. There is one Museum in the castle premise. I explored the castle and with such a large area and walking in 36°C. made me an uneasy.

I stopped at a few places to feel good and then finally got out of the area. I was hungry and found one Lawson outlets.
I picked up a noodle box and ate outside the outlet. I still don't know how to use chopsticks effectively but I can do manageable work with it. After this, I wanted to go out but decided to stop at Doutor coffee before I go to the hostel. I am writing this experience from a coffee house in which it has been around 45 minutes.

I think I should go to the hostel and take a rest before I head out or I can stay here for an hour and then go out and I should stay one more hour.

[After few minutes] Ok, let me buy something to eat. I will write after I go out and experience more.

I had Belgium waffles and set the timer for 30 minutes. I headed for Den Den town after that. Surprisingly it was near my hostel.

Lived on Waffle at Doutor Coffee

I strolled the area and went to a few shops. I saw one porn shop and decided that I should check this out. There were Japanese porn DVDs and other toys.

When I was strolling the street I found @home cafe (maid cafe) and I decided that I will experience it.

I quickly read on the Internet about it and came to know that it is a bit expensive.

I decided to experience it and went inside. Surprisingly there was no waiting (as long queue was mentioned on the Internet). I won’t be able to describe that unique experience but I have something to show. A photograph with a cute maid. I asked her to take a photo in Bollywood style and I have that instant photograph with me.

A bollywood style pose at maid cafe

It took some time in the cafe. Now it was time to check out nearby tower to get the view. I went to that tower and disappointed as there was nothing that excited me from 104 meters height.

After this, I had to decide for my dinner and found that Seven-Eleven eating place called Yoshinoya. That guy served me vegetable curry and it was fantastic. I really loved it but couldn’t finish it.

Now I was 400 meters away from my hostel. I came to the hostel and writing this sentence from the common area. My plan for the next day is sort of done. I will soon hug my bed.

That’s all from my Day 5 experience.

Day 6

This will be the last day in Osaka. It was fun with this city. I’m all ready to go to Kyoto and Nara. Somehow I want to do haircut and Onsen in Kyoto.

I woke up around 09:00 and had my breakfast. I packed my stuff so that tomorrow can be easy to move. Kyoto and Nara are both an hour journey from here.

One day I can easily spend in Nara in Nara Deer Park and maybe Onsen. I had four places on my list today and I have covered two so far. It’s 02:06 PM and I have plenty of time here.

I visited the Hōzenji temple which is a small temple located in a very busy street. I had Octopus at one food stall (the story is documented in this video) and headed to explore Amerikamura (American village) where you will find young hippie people and lots of shopping stores. The temperature is 34 °C and will move my ass when it is 2 °C down. Let me figure out a place where I can go before I can cover my two other places.

I thought why not go to Hirakata T-SITE and check out one of the best bookstores in the world. The place was far from my hostel but as I mentioned I had time to explore it. I bought a one day pass and tried to pass through the gate but couldn’t. I asked the officer at the help center and he took ¥800 (my ticket price) went to the ticket machine. He bought a ¥600 ticket and returned me ¥200. What a help!

I then boarded a limited express train and went to the destination. I was lost for a while in searching that tall bookshelf. I finally asked a staff member and she helped me with the floor number. I went there and saw a magnificent bookshelf. I asked a guy to take my photo and that lovely person took more than 35 photos but I’m happy as few of them are really good.

Largest bookshelf - Hirakata T-SITE

I was hungry but couldn’t find any food options. So I decided to again board the train and eat near my hostel. I boarded the train and alighted at my station called Ebisuchō.

I knew that if I go to any other place than Doutor then I will make a huge dent in my pocket. I found Doutor a few minutes walk away from the station. I’m in a coffee house and completing my experience. I don’t know what is there for me now but I’m pretty much covered Osaka and satisfied with it. The highlight will be the maid cafe. I know where to go for dinner so I might go directly to the hostel or roam around this area.

You will get to know all these when I resume it in the evening.

[After few hours] So I spent some time in the cafe and decided to stroll around Den Den town and then to Dōtonbori. After that, I will have dinner and sleep. In the morning I will checkout. I will book a hostel for Kyoto.

I want to get Japanese haircut and Onsen in those 3 days.