Lost In Japan


I’m trying to live a minimalist life. When it comes to shopping I have to choose stuff very carefully as it will pile and break my vision of being minimalist.

I needed a trouser and I realized that I can align that with shopping in Japan which will be useful in daily life. A souvenir I love to wear.

I didn't buy for others (except for siblings). Though I bought one large and one small bottle of sake. I kept my shopping and purchases at the end of two days. As it was an 11 days trip and I thought I will spend two days in Tokyo to do the shopping and also will visit a few places.

In my research, I already came to know about 8% of consumer tax benefits to tourism in Japan. It was pretty straightforward and I took the benefit. (Though added a fitness band to save 250 INR. Agh! Minimalist life.)

Derma recommended me Uniqlo (Japanese clothing brand) which sells reasonably priced clothes. I bought a fantastic trouser and I’m wearing one while writing.

Things to consider -

  • Don’t promise people to purchase stuff abroad
  • See if you can match the shopping with your current needs
  • Research on stuff if they are allowed on the airplane
  • Always tell shoppers that you will take it back to the home country to get extra packing